Monday, April 5, 2010


First of all,HAPPY EASTER PALS. Well its very bad most of you don't knw me and i too. But those dat stay around Abuja and Niger state,i'd love to meet u guys. Nevertheless, HAPPY EASTER. Yeah! I've got cool easter bounties for you all.... But don't be too nervous to get this stuffs cos mtn no dey nervous dealing wit us. Am about to giv u guys what i knw you'll all cherish... Though few they are but serves you good 4 now. My guys,b4 i'd post this stuffs, i'd lyk to make them well knwn to you. 1. I WANT TO TELL YOU GUYS WHERE AND HOW TO GENERATE 'MTN RECHARGE CARD PINS':it works well..u just generate, validate,and we knw,most recharge pins starts wit O,3,6,9 e.t.c..u'd c everytin there(as it is said,when we get to the river,we'll knw hw to cross it) 2.HOW TO HACK CAFE TIME:guys this is very easy in as much as u av the software which i will unleash to you. 3. My daily promise to you guys(MOXILLA ND OTHER SOFTWARE SETTINGS). Lets get down to business MY FRIENDS. We ar CONSIDERING THE MTN PINS GENERATOR AS OUR FIRST HEADING: this is it, simply visit Simply select the type u want(i.e, pins starting wit O,3,9,4 e.t.c). Then, click on generate,pin will appear in a box u'll c below. Afterwards, click VALIDATE TO KNW IF IT IS A VALID PIN, finally, rechardate. Note: not all the pins work bcos there are users on same site as you. My advice is 4 u to do urs early so as to generate fresh pins(xtracool time). NEXT HEADING IS THE CAFE TIME HACKING: guys, search 4 'PROCESS SUSPENDER' or visit, e.t.c. Once u download into ur flash especially,just go wit dat flash each time ure visiting a cafe. Connect ur flash and open the program(the downloaded process suspender)scroll down untill u find cafe time...simply right click and click on pause. My guys dat is all. NEXT, IS THE MOXILLA AND OTHER PC STUFFS: guys,make una no pay anybody 4 any cheat..dat is exactly why i made this site. It works this way: if una notice, all dis annonimous lyk e.t.c are PC made Nevertheless,u can as well use or continue usin this I.Ps for any software dat asks for PROXY ADDRESS. This is not only 4 mtn users o! Just put this I.Ps wit port 80 and your service provider homepage address. This is worldwide cheat no limitation. Use and surfer them cos dat is what they do to us too. Do not 4 get to post comments or call 4 more assistant. Happy EASTER MY FRIENDS...I LUV U ALL!!!!!!!!!


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