Sunday, March 28, 2010


Am sorry i have posted so many cheats on MTN and leaving other networks. So many of you visiting this site will be angry i knw that,but accept my apology. I will place a poll here 'on which netwrk do you nid more cheats' so whichever netwrk dat wins will av upperhand on cheats. I noticed that mtn had blocked so many cheats and since available are anonymously made and are letters which CHINA AND LOW RATED PHONES DON'T ACCEPT, i then come up with dis idea of u using your normal service provider's i.p and attaching dis anonymous as addresses i.e using mtn i.p for instance and entering and address which is supposed to be your i.p e.g e.t.c. Without taking much of your time, simply edit your settings. FOR CHINA PHONE USERS,FOLLOW THIS STEPS BUT IF U ALREADY KNW IT JUST PROCEED TO WHERE AND HOW TO USE THE I.P. Goto your service>wap>settings>select sim(mtn)>edit sim/profile>select any profile there and edit>ACCOUNT NAME:mtn wap,, CONNECTION TYPE:http> AND PASSWORD:web. To use this to surf the internet 4 free, just go to 'enter url/address' and enter any of this ones Once any of this is used,it opens a page which helps you surf anonymously thereby hidding your ass. It's easy and downloads wella. click here and signup to get $500 instantly 4 signup only, hurry y it still last. Moxilla and other PC settings comming soonest, 4 now, download proxyway5 evolution Feel free to contact me any day,any time. 1love


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