Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to unlock/crack a passworde laptop/desktop

Is your computer locked with a forgotten password? Has your boss,mum,dad,sis,bros e.t.c locked your or their computer so that you wont have access to this computer? Then, dis post is for you. I could remember my very friend VICTOR OLA whose sister passworded a laptop which their dad got for him and her, probably because their might be some private files she is hidding from him. It is damn annoying that i couldn't even bear the pain myself..
I had to start making plans on how to help this guy b4 i came up with an idea which fortunately did worked for him and he(LOL) then re-passworded this laptop with a password of his choice..which nearly drove his sister insane when she noticed. However,if u're finding/seeing this as a relation to your problem,then grab your solution now exactly as victor did. I know some of you especially my naija fellows,would've been murmouring about my explainations as they will want me to go straight. Without taking your time, i therefore proceed to the unleashment of this solution. The steps ar as follows:- 1.turn on(boot)the pc CTRL + ALT + DEL. 3.enter ADMISTRATOR as your username and leave the password blank(do this after you press ctrl+alt+del and a new or classic window opens) afterall, hit the enter "key". Now,your computer unlocks and you can simply reset the password at your "control panel". Remember to post comment or contact me for assistant;)



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