Friday, April 30, 2010

Latest pc free browsing cheat

Use dis on moxilla firefox cos its appearance is cul nd speed sweet. Use dis port-:80. Use ur service provider's homepage i.e type ur service provider's homepage address e.g in d address bar each time u launch ur moxilla. enjoy. Here ar tips u shuld use. 1. When u launch ur moxilla, nd types ur service provider's address, an advertisement page appears which u av to close. 2. To access FACEBOOK mainly u av to turn off javascript 4rm the mainpage. Remember the advertisement page will apear on evry page u access so remember to close it so as to c d page u accessed. Enjoy

Monday, April 19, 2010

Latest your-freedom cheat on mtn

Download your freedom via this link remember to register cos ur username and password will be needed to configure you account. YOUR-FREEDOM SERVER-> PORT->80 CONNECTION MODE->http TWEAKS->none OPTIONS->tick the 3rd,4th,5th,and 6th INITIAL POST SIZE->10000000 MINIMUM POST SIZE->20000. NEXT,CLICK ON ACCOUNT INFO->enter the username and password used in registering CLICK ON PROXY SETTING AND INPUT-> PROXY PORT->8080. SAVE AND EXIT. CLICK ON PORT AND TICK socks 4/5 port and web proxy port. FINALLY,configure your moxilla to port 8080. AND YOU ARE DONE!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to unlock/crack a passworde laptop/desktop

Is your computer locked with a forgotten password? Has your boss,mum,dad,sis,bros e.t.c locked your or their computer so that you wont have access to this computer? Then, dis post is for you. I could remember my very friend VICTOR OLA whose sister passworded a laptop which their dad got for him and her, probably because their might be some private files she is hidding from him. It is damn annoying that i couldn't even bear the pain myself..
I had to start making plans on how to help this guy b4 i came up with an idea which fortunately did worked for him and he(LOL) then re-passworded this laptop with a password of his choice..which nearly drove his sister insane when she noticed. However,if u're finding/seeing this as a relation to your problem,then grab your solution now exactly as victor did. I know some of you especially my naija fellows,would've been murmouring about my explainations as they will want me to go straight. Without taking your time, i therefore proceed to the unleashment of this solution. The steps ar as follows:- 1.turn on(boot)the pc CTRL + ALT + DEL. 3.enter ADMISTRATOR as your username and leave the password blank(do this after you press ctrl+alt+del and a new or classic window opens) afterall, hit the enter "key". Now,your computer unlocks and you can simply reset the password at your "control panel". Remember to post comment or contact me for assistant;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to create and use a provisioning document

This has always been a problem/barrier stoping most people from enjoying internet freedom. It also use to be my problem too until i came to realize the .prov document. WHAT IS IT USED FOR? This document, enable us to use software like operamini,shmessenger,gmap,togotv,skype,mig33,ebuddy e.t.c. It was/is made for mostly nokia users since nokia fones are been categorised. This file however, was meant for s40 and other lower categories while s60 users dont need them at all because it(S60 phones) is more advanced. Nevertheless, this files ar simply setups just as we have dat of mtn(wen u send SETTING to 3888). I probably wanted to post dis bcos i have noticed not everybody knows about this therefore,not allowing them enjoy internet freedom. Am doing this cos i dont want people to either get discouraged of getting informations which they need to get online bcos of no internet connection OR paying others for this. Without taking much of your time, i hereby announce dat you pay the sum of #1,000,000 into my account(LOL)just kidding. Simply right click and click on 'open in a new window'. Afterwards,select the network of your choice and enter a valid i.p address and select port 80. Finally,generate the .prov document and then download. NOTE:transfer dis document via bluetooth into another fone e.g china and non-nokia fones e.t.c and then transfer back to your nokia fone. Ur fone will recognise it as a configuration setting..simply save and activate it as your default configuration setting. If your nokia fone does not recognise this as a configuration setting,u ar simply using an advanced phone. Dont be scared,but bear in mind that dis document isn't for you. Just use normal i.p and port to install and use your opera,ebuddy e.t.c. You can use dis i.p to still generate your .prov document or even use for advanced nokias as stated. Here is the i.p:- port:-80. Remember to post comments and contact 07037577651(daniel) in case you experience problems. I will be adding downloads on dis to enable you download your opera,.prov documents,togotv e.t.c so join hands to make dis site progress. Visit our forum 4 package details. Yours sincerely,DANIEL

Monday, April 5, 2010


First of all,HAPPY EASTER PALS. Well its very bad most of you don't knw me and i too. But those dat stay around Abuja and Niger state,i'd love to meet u guys. Nevertheless, HAPPY EASTER. Yeah! I've got cool easter bounties for you all.... But don't be too nervous to get this stuffs cos mtn no dey nervous dealing wit us. Am about to giv u guys what i knw you'll all cherish... Though few they are but serves you good 4 now. My guys,b4 i'd post this stuffs, i'd lyk to make them well knwn to you. 1. I WANT TO TELL YOU GUYS WHERE AND HOW TO GENERATE 'MTN RECHARGE CARD PINS':it works well..u just generate, validate,and we knw,most recharge pins starts wit O,3,6,9 e.t.c..u'd c everytin there(as it is said,when we get to the river,we'll knw hw to cross it) 2.HOW TO HACK CAFE TIME:guys this is very easy in as much as u av the software which i will unleash to you. 3. My daily promise to you guys(MOXILLA ND OTHER SOFTWARE SETTINGS). Lets get down to business MY FRIENDS. We ar CONSIDERING THE MTN PINS GENERATOR AS OUR FIRST HEADING: this is it, simply visit Simply select the type u want(i.e, pins starting wit O,3,9,4 e.t.c). Then, click on generate,pin will appear in a box u'll c below. Afterwards, click VALIDATE TO KNW IF IT IS A VALID PIN, finally, rechardate. Note: not all the pins work bcos there are users on same site as you. My advice is 4 u to do urs early so as to generate fresh pins(xtracool time). NEXT HEADING IS THE CAFE TIME HACKING: guys, search 4 'PROCESS SUSPENDER' or visit, e.t.c. Once u download into ur flash especially,just go wit dat flash each time ure visiting a cafe. Connect ur flash and open the program(the downloaded process suspender)scroll down untill u find cafe time...simply right click and click on pause. My guys dat is all. NEXT, IS THE MOXILLA AND OTHER PC STUFFS: guys,make una no pay anybody 4 any cheat..dat is exactly why i made this site. It works this way: if una notice, all dis annonimous lyk e.t.c are PC made Nevertheless,u can as well use or continue usin this I.Ps for any software dat asks for PROXY ADDRESS. This is not only 4 mtn users o! Just put this I.Ps wit port 80 and your service provider homepage address. This is worldwide cheat no limitation. Use and surfer them cos dat is what they do to us too. Do not 4 get to post comments or call 4 more assistant. Happy EASTER MY FRIENDS...I LUV U ALL!!!!!!!!!

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