Friday, May 28, 2010

Latest fbt on pc and phone for mtn,zain and etisalat

Mtn had done their worst again by blocking to first cheat using their default i.p.. Forgeting they can never block free browsing as long as they keep up their internet rate high.. Thats by d way. Those dat were u the cheat in my previous post shuld change to this one below nd am sorry for evry inconvinience they've cost you. Here are cheats u can use wit default mtn i.p and port but,note that sumtimes they deplete kobos wen u av money so knw wat to do!. Use ETISALAT use port 80 and or ZAIN use port 80 and MTN ON PC use wit port 8080 and enter as ur address or better still,use Sit tight for more. EnjoY!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latest MAY mtn opera4.2 cheat

Mtn had succeded in blocking cheats forgeting dat they can never block freebrowsing! Av not come here to brag much but to unleash dis setting to my pals. Use i.p: port 8080. Cheat: Though its kinda slow but still manageable. Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Best software for pc free browsing

It really no secret again that TOR has now taken over all other browser after the reign of ULTRASURF. Without taking much time,kindly use dis settings. AFTER downloading TOR, open and create a shortcut to ur desktop(here u'd c it's symbol inform of an onion)so that it will be easier 4 you to access it. Double click on TOR to launch the browser afterwhich u'd click on setting>netwrk setting. Here,input mtn,zain,etisalat e.t.c I.P and PORT only.then save and close tor. Open ur normal browser and configure as follows. TOols>internet options>connections>LAN settings>tick manual configuration and input and port 8118. Now apply and click "OK" re-open tor and wait untill it ends wit installation just lyk operamini a welcome message will be revealed which u'd accept afterwards,it browsing on the GO.if u haven't got a TOR browser yet, this is the link Lol

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Latest Mtn/Etisalat free browsing tricks

Bolt 2.0 use ip port 80 config name=> MTN front query=> blank back query put=> blank use proxy HTTP proxy server=> ETISALAT use ip port 80 config name=> ETISALAT front query=> blank back query put=> blank use proxy HTTP proxy server=> To download with Etisalat use port: 80 go tru Etisalat homepage. For opera 8.65 use i.p or port 80 bookmark then use it to open. The fastest solibay cheat I.p80.232.117.178 port: 80 Opera 2.06 I.p: port: 80 Mtn 4.2 i.P: port:80 cheats:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free anonymous proxies

TheSe are list of working web nd wap anonymous proxies or I.Ps.,,,,,,,,,,,,, e.t.c. NOTE: some of dis wrks very well on PC while others wrk well on PHONE. €Njoy!!!

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