Monday, May 10, 2010

Best software for pc free browsing

It really no secret again that TOR has now taken over all other browser after the reign of ULTRASURF. Without taking much time,kindly use dis settings. AFTER downloading TOR, open and create a shortcut to ur desktop(here u'd c it's symbol inform of an onion)so that it will be easier 4 you to access it. Double click on TOR to launch the browser afterwhich u'd click on setting>netwrk setting. Here,input mtn,zain,etisalat e.t.c I.P and PORT only.then save and close tor. Open ur normal browser and configure as follows. TOols>internet options>connections>LAN settings>tick manual configuration and input and port 8118. Now apply and click "OK" re-open tor and wait untill it ends wit installation just lyk operamini a welcome message will be revealed which u'd accept afterwards,it browsing on the GO.if u haven't got a TOR browser yet, this is the link Lol


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