Saturday, May 7, 2011

etisalat free callz

..get an etisalat sim wiv a zain sim too...
network as wel,pls try orda networks at ur own disperity),dial the etisalat number on the zain line, wen the etisalat number rings,pick d cal and wait for 7 b4 endin the cal 4 rm the zain line, u wil notice dat the secs(time) on the etisalat line wil stil be countin, regardless dat uve already ended d cal on d zain number(d policy of etisalat is dat u receive one free min on every min u receive 4 rm orda networks),allow the time to count for as long as u want,u wil be given ur free min wit d time d time duration lasted(as a result of u stopping, u can allow it to keep counting till 4 eva,so far ur phone battery can withstand the heat) hapi calin unlimitedly.

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