Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mtn latest news on free browsing

don't pay 4 cheats get them free at Also chat unlimitedly at Try dem its all free. Abeg those of you that are using 209.085... Should please seize 4rm using it coz network and firewall upgrading had closed the cheat. In addittion, Should also be thrown away, network will finish ur money if u dont stop using dis cheats. Fortunately i bring to you cool goodies which are: Set your homepage to your service provider e.g, for mtn users e.t.c. For operamini use s60 users use i.p: and port 80 on any custom and S40 users,, and type my prov under 'search uploads' any 2.send to a china phone and resend to your phone, it'll recognize it as a configuration setting then save as default and launch your browser. FOR PC, MTN HAD BLOCKED UTRASURF AND OTHER ANONIMOUS BROWSERS.THEREFORE, DOWNLOAD 'NINJACLOAK' BY EITHER SEARCHING WIT GOOGLE OR BY VISITING 2. USE YOUR-FREEDOM TOO. ZAIN and other network users ultrasurf,freegate,gpass,gtunel are all 4 u. MOXILLA settings comming soon so tighten up your belt sit. 'Post comments and question incase of any problem or rather 'call me' 4 live conversation. Enjoy!!!


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